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What is a web-based solution?

When most people think of a web site, they think of something they visit on the Internet. But a web site can also exist inside of your business's network or inside a single computer. All of these things are "web-based" solutions and the beauty of them is that you can leverage the same rapid development and ease of use to not only build a spectacular web site for your customers, but also an internal web site (intranet) to share information with your employees and specialized applications to run your business. Surf's Up Web Design is capable of building these web-based solutions to meet any of your business needs.

Web Sites

As the Internet continues to gain popularity and usage, a web site is no longer an option for your business; it's a necessity. Gone are the days when anyone could slap together a simple web site and be on the cutting edge of technology, now you need a truly powerful and adaptive web site that is both easy to use and easy to maintain. Your business web site should not only advertise the business, but it should be leveraged as a powerful sales and marketing tool that can sell to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Let Surf's Up Web Design leverage our knowledge of the Internet to build you a dynamic, streamlined, easy to maintain web site to carry your business onto the Internet and into your customer's homes.


An intranet is the usage of internet technologies for a business's internal usage. Simply put, it is using a web page to disseminate information internally to your employees without exposing that information to the public like an internet web page. What can an intranet do for your business? An intranet can empower your employees with quicker access to the information they need, cut paper and printing costs buy providing online versions of common forms, and speed up business processes by controlling the business workflow electronically. Your business could benefit from an intranet if you have two or more computers and especially if your business has more than one location. Why not talk with an intranet designer from Surf's Up Web Design today?

In-House Applications

Could your business benefit from a custom written application to solve a business need? Surf's Up Web Design provides custom written applications based on the same technologies used to create internet web pages. This means that your custom application uses standard technologies, scales from one computer to thousands of computers, and can be accessed from any type of computer whether it be Windows, Macintosh, or Linux/Unix. A custom application could be anything from an address book to something that controls ever facet of your business. One of these custom applications could also be the stepping stone to creating your own intranet.

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